UAN Passbook-How to Download Your UAN Passbook

  1. I UAN Passbook is one of the best digitalization for the India employees where they are wasting of time waiting or quee near ATM .where the user can easily get the amount from the particular account.So we know that uan Passbook is one of the best way for the people who can easily get the balance details from their account.Before you uan logged into the Account so that u can withdraw the amount or u can check the epf balance.
uan passbook

uan passbook

If you are an EPF member with activated UAN, you can easily grab your EPF passbook. You don’t need to visit personally at epfo office to grab the uan passbook. You just need to have a smartphone or computer with internet connection, and you will be able to download your uan member passbook online.

The procedure of viewing your uan passbook on the official uan member portal is certainly easy and quick. Do you want to learn how to download your uan passbook? If yes, then you should keep reading it.

So how does an employee view and/or download their UAN passbook?

The process of Downloading UAN Passbook Online:

So we know that downloading the uan passbook ni very easy but we need to access the account of epfo so that we can easily get the mini statement of the amount.So we know that getting the balance details is not so much easy as we think Actually Logged into the account of epfo.Whenever we talk about the uan passbook where we can all details whenever the suer want to get the mini statement of the recent withdraw to check epf balance status then he must download epf passbook.

So if you are looking to Download Uan Passbook for an employee then u must need a quick guide so that it can help u to show the step by step procedure how u can easily get the uan passbook.So when the user of uan member portal login into the account just check the above list where he can easily find out the best method of uan passbook download or else u can check out the stepy step by guide Below.

  • Click on show option.
  • Your uan member details will be appeared such as date of birth, name and your member id.

The uan passbook can be used to grab date-wise and month-wise transaction details. If you want to manage your epf account, it can be a great option to go with. If you haven’t still activated your uan, you first need to get your uan activated. With uan, you can easily be able to see your uan passbook on the internet through your specific mobile application.

If you don’t want to visit at an epfo office, you need to go through uan activation process. Here one point should be noted that your uan passbook will be available on the internet only if the employer has already updated the return and challan. Needless to say, uan Passbook is a great facility for all registered epf members.

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